Recent update on TBA’s status:

From the moment we were forced to close our doors, TBA Brooklyn has been working non-stop to reopen as soon as possible.

We have had numerous inspections and meetings with Department of Buildings, each of which has moved us incrementally closer to opening. As anyone who has ever dealt with New York City bureaucracy can agree, it ain’t easy. But meeting by meeting and week by week we are getting closer to finally being able to reopen. Unfortunately, getting closer is not good enough and we are in a desperate state.

Our bills are pilling up and we need your help to see us through this final stage. Our good friends at Keep it Movin’ & Hidden Roots offered to throw us a second fundraiser, our brothers at Good Room offered to host us once again and so here we go.

We also put together the following video to help re-start our online campaign. We filmed it around the turn of the year and had hoped we wouldn’t have to release it, but at this point it is all or nothing. So enjoy, share and help save TBA!!

Thursday February 26th 2015

Movinroots & Friends Present: TBA Brooklyn Fundraiser 02

9pm-4am @ Good Room

Alex Loiza (Hidden Roots)
Alkalina (Audiolism)
Andrew Vogt (Verboten)
Brian Best (Keep it Movin’)
Connie (Resolute)
Dominguez (mnmlktchn)
Dave Rosario (Serkal)
Dave Turk (Keep it Movin’)
Emma (Audiolism)
Gio Gulez (TBA Brooklyn)
Jean Pierre (Waveform Recordings)
Jeffrey Scott (Sheik ‘N’ Beik)
Justin Miller (Have A Killer Time)
Lily Ray (Majestic NYC)
Mario Polanco (Hidden Roots)
Manuel Napoleon (Secret Guests)
Michelangelo (Energea)
Mike Terra (Keep it Movin’)
Simon Heyliger (Foundation)
Simon Wish (Cocoon Recordings)
Zeni Karpuzi (Keep it Movin’)


Just added:

Door by everyone’s favorite, Danielle P

ROOM 305 pop-up shop will be selling their clothes from the season


Fundraiser Video by Sam Finzi:

You can also donate online @ GoFundMe:

Bring TBA Back!!!!

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